English speaking web designer in Mexico City

English speaking free-lance web designer in Mexico City

A Mexico City based free-lance web designer and web developer with sure-fire SEO skills. Fluent in English and Spanish, capable to communicate in French and German. Specialized in design and development of websites with multilingual SEO which achieve high rankings in international search engine listings. Providing one-on-one coaching sessions and customized design & coding courses in English and Spanish for both individuals and companies.

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If you live in Mexico and need or like to learn web design in general or any particular technology or application you might want to try taking customized web design classes. You (and your English-speaking staff) could learn now from scratch or brush up your skills in the areas of:

I have years of experience in coaching which I have gained working in various countries and which I like to share helping:

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Would you like to have a modern and multilingual website that ranks well in international search engine listings? Or you'd rather learn how to make one yourself? Either way, let's talk about it.

Language competence

Learning languages to build multilingual websites

european languages for seo

Developing multilingual websites, I realized that having working knowledge of multiple languages would be very useful for such projects and necessary for multilingual SEO.

I started learning languages with that objective in mind, being aware that for the purpose of web development and SEO, knowing a language doesn't really imply speaking it.

So while I study, I am not really interested in attempting to speak fluently all of them - it would be a very time-consuming and probably futile goal. My main objective is to understand written text, e.g. an article found on the web or a copy provided for a website and to be able to write e-mails, chat with foreign clients, research information, browse through data etc.

Here is the summary of my current language skills:

Language competence for multilingual website development
  Language Practical competence Duolingo Clozemaster Anki
spanish Spanish I can have a fluent conversation with native speakers, read books without a dictionary and watch movies without subtitles. 14000   43000
english English   800
polish Polish      
french French I can read books, I need subtitles to fully understand a movie. 36000 208000 800
german German I can read newspapers and social media posts. I partially understand spoken language, especially if the delivery is not too fast. 27000 61000  
italian Italian 22000 121000  
portuguese Portuguese 17000    
latin Latin   212000  
dutch Dutch I understand basic written text, but I have to check up dictionary way too often to really enjoy reading. 13000    
danish Danish 11000    
slovak Slovak   69000  

I work with customized monolingual Anki decks to master vocabulary.

Please note, I'm neither a translator nor an editor. All text in all languages requires professional proof-reading and editing before publishing to on web. My language skills are good enough to develop a multilingual website, not to create content and spell-check it in 10 languages.